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Dr. Zenovia Bryant-Bright DBA, MBA, BA is a Business Strategy & Innovation Expert, Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Published Book Author, Adviser, Mentor, Coach, Scholarly Writer, Real estate investor, Philanthropist, Motivational speaker, Social media content creator, Singer, Rapper, Song writer & 100% Service-Connected US Army Veteran.

Zenovia partners with CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, working and unemployed individuals to grow their personal life dreams, goals and professional brands.

After spending decades working in Business, Federal Government, Education, Criminal Justice, Healthcare & managing over a trillion dollar in portfolios for brands and companies internationally.

Zenovia has landed opportunities working with the U.S. Federal Government, local state government, corporations, non-profit, small business, and entrepreneur. She is currently a public servant working on publishing multiple books and collaborating with business owners and entrepreneurs. She is actively working to assist Veterans with claims for compensation, pension, appeals, homelessness, and employment benefits. In addition to her extensive work in the federal government and business marketing and advertising experience. Zenovia is also a trained Real estate investor, Mentor, Spiritual wellness advocate, Certified Agile Project Management for the Federal Environment, Member of The National Society of Leadership and Success, and Philanthropist.

Zenovia holds a Doctorate of Business Administration with an emphasis of strategy and innovation from Capella University - School of Business, Technology, and Health Care Administration, MBA and BA in Business Administration from Ashford University - Forbes School of Business.

SSG (Ret) Rodney Bright, is a Military & Youth Mentor, Life Coach, Real Estate Team Member, and  BIG (BLACKS IN GOVERNMENT) Lifetime Member. Rodney is originally from St. Louis Missouri “THE SHOW ME STATE” born and raised. He joined the military in 1979 after a snow blizzard in one of the worst storms of St. Louis history. He credits his mother for influencing him to join the Military like her brother and his Uncle had done in the past. Rodney thanks God for his wife and his mother for her maternal instincts, concerns, and blessings for her son to enter the armed forces.

God’s huge grace was covering him and looking out for him the entire 20 years’ time in the Army. During his stay in the Army he learned the Gunsmith trade for the army’s military Ordnance of cannons, military weapons, and guns, lots of guns. He has experience and is capable of inspecting and determining serviceability and conditions of repairs necessary for these weapons, in addition he disassembled weapons and diagnose malfunctions. He also taught over 5000 Army, Navy Marine, Air force and Foreign students, updated lesson plans and conducted speeches for graduating classes.

He also possesses a lifetime membership with the BLACKS IN GOVERNMENT to help Blacks employed in government positions face new yet familiar challenges and pave the way for future Black government professionals. Nevertheless B-I-G Blacks in government has been a national response to the need for Blacks in America in public service to organize around issues of mutual concern and use their collective strength to confront workplace and community issues. Rodney plans to use BIG as a platform to gain any kind of momentum for success to help his family, allies, and his legacy.

Rodney's values are, If you have to work, work hard now to attempt to preserve your body and peace of mind going into your golden years rather than to work hard later when your golden years are just about over. Rodney is patriotic, hard working, not selfish, very patient, reliable, likable, trustworthy, committed, and loyal, Rodney honors his family in the best light and he is driven. Rodney has retired from the US Army and from the DOD (Dept. Of Defense).


"Our vision is to motivate, inspire, and assist with the creation of a stable life and future for people globally."

Dr. Zenovia Bryant-Bright, Founder & CEO, Bryant Bright Consulting LLC ®




“Do not be afraid to travel a new path; It may be the way to find what you’ve been looking for all along.” Anonymous


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